Pivotal ministerial engagement event led by CLEAN-Air(Africa) in Uganda


On Wednesday 17th January 2024, CLEAN-Air(Africa) hosted a pivotal stakeholder meeting in Kampala contributing to Uganda’s national integrated clean cooking program, led by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development. Collaborating with the Ministry of Health, CLEAN-Air(Africa) clinicians and researchers joined the task force to discuss optimum approaches to scale of clean cooking in Uganda towards SDG7 “Universal Access to Clean Modern Energy”. The workshop was hosted by CLEAN-Air(Africa) Ugandan partner, the Makerere Lung Institute (MLI), with active engagement from the Ugandan Prime Minister’s Office.

Dr Rebecca Nantanda (MLI educational lead) and Prof Daniel Pope (CLEAN-Air(Africa) Director) highlighted a crucial initiative being implemented by CLEAN-Air(Africa) to train Village Health Teams (VHTs) to sensitise communities across Uganda in household air pollution, health and prevention through clean household energy. Dr Nantanda was interviewed by Radio One, Uganda’s leading television company where she described the huge health burden from household air pollution experienced by much of Uganda’s population.

Working with its partners from MLI, CLEAN-Air(Africa) is advocating for health to play a leading role in the national strategy for scale of clean cooking in Uganda, providing crucial evidence to support relevant clean energy policy. The timing of this engagement is critical given announcement by the Ugandan President’s Office of the integrated national clean cooking strategy at COP28 in Dubai.

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