Health Systems Strengthening: Community Health Workers

Community Health Worker Training Initiative on Household Air Pollution

CLEAN-Air(Africa) benefits from well-established relationships with communities across the partnership including close affiliation with community health workers (CHWs) as advocates for their communities.

One of the flagship activities for CLEAN-Air(Africa) is the household air pollution, health, and prevention training initiative launched to empower CHWs to address the burden of health-related disease from exposure to household air pollution (HAP).  The training programme includes an evidence-based training module delivered to CHWs through a three-day workshop.  Job aids (illustrated flipcharts and tools) are given to CHWs after training to assist in health messaging to households.

Training through Bespoke Tools and a Digital teaching Platform

The Kenyan Ministry of Health have adopted the training into their national CHW curricula and delivered training to 2,500 CHWs across all 47 of Kenya’s counties. Evaluation of the initiative carried out by CLEAN-Air(Africa) has identified significant impacts from the training for both CHWs and their communities.

CLEAN-Air(Africa) will assist the Kenyan Ministry of Health in rolling out the training initiative to the 130,000 strong CHW workforce under Universal Health Coverage, providing monitoring and evaluation.

Working with the World Health Organisation, CLEAN-Air(Africa) will also adapt materials and methods from the training to engage with community health workforces in Uganda, Rwanda, and Cameroon.

Training CHWs to prevent HAP related disease in their communities. Photo Credit: Daniel Pope
Work with the Ministry of Health in Kenya to evaluate the CHW training initiative in household air pollution, health, and prevention. This will inform the national rollout of training for all Kenyan CHWs under Universal Health Coverage.
Job Aids Help CHWs Deliver Health Messaging on HAP Prevention. Photo Credit: Daniel Pope
Produce illustrations, videos (with QR codes) and photography collated in a flip chart as “job aids” to help HAP prevention messaging
Digital platform for training and health indicator surveillance. Photo Credit: Daniel Pope
Develop a digital platform to facilitate the national rollout of CHW training. Health indicator information related to HAP and household energy will be collected nationally using an app-based recording system used by the trained CHWs.