Here you can find CLEAN-Air(Africa) learning resources on household air pollution, cooking and health. These resources have been created as part of CLEAN-Air(Africa)’s research and capacity strengthening programmes and are free to access. We invite you to engage with these resources to build your knowledge on household air pollution and health.

Training on Household Air Pollution & Health

This online training course has been designed to provide a brief overview of innovative methods for epidemiological and in-depth qualitative research in the field of household air pollution.

It also provides insights into publishing findings and support for those seeking funding.

Training on Household Air Pollution & Health

Community Health Worker Training Materials

These materials have been developed for CLEAN-Air(Africa)’s Household air pollution, health, and prevention training initiative launched to empower community health workers (CHWs) in Kenya.

The initiative aims to address the burden of health-related disease from exposure to household air pollution.

The materials include module for training CHWs and associated Job Aids.

Community Health Worker Training Materials
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