PhD Scholarship in Public Health Offered by CLEAN-Air(Africa) in Cameroon


Clean-Air(Africa), a research unit dedicated to Clean Energy Access for the Prevention of Non-communicable Diseases through Clean Air in Africa by 2030, is pleased to announce a fully funded full-time 3-year PhD scholarship opportunity in public health at Douala General Hospital in Cameroon. This scholarship is part of our broader research program, and we expect the successful candidate to commence their studies by October 2023.

At Clean-Air(Africa), we are committed to positively impacting health, the environment, climate, and gender empowerment in sub-Saharan Africa. Our primary focus is to better understand the links between exposure to household air pollution (HAP), respiratory diseases, and cardiovascular health in Cameroon.

The research activities will be conducted in Mbalmayo, located in the Centre Region. The selected PhD candidate will be required to apply for a public health program at one of the country’s state universities.

If you are interested in this exciting opportunity, we invite you to submit your application by September 15, 2023. To access the full description of the PhD scholarship, please click on the buttons below.

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