Members of CLEAN-Air (Africa) pick up the award for ‘Research Impact of the Year’

CLEAN-Air(Africa) wins the “Research Impact of the Year Award’ by the University of Liverpool


CLEAN-Air(Africa) from the Institute of Population Health emerged as the triumphant team for the esteemed ‘Research Impact of the Year’ award. Their noteworthy research efforts have proven instrumental in aiding the Kenyan Ministry of Health in developing a comprehensive strategy to address the critical issue of household air pollution (HAP). With an alarming annual death toll of 23,000 individuals in Kenya attributed to HAP exposure, this team’s research has been pivotal in raising health awareness, promoting prevention measures, and empowering communities.

Building upon their success, the project has expanded its reach to engage with ministries in Uganda, Rwanda, and Cameroon. These countries have shown an eagerness to adopt the HAP prevention initiative, further amplifying the potential impact and benefits of CLEAN-Air(Africa)’s research and collaborative efforts.

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